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Its every womans dream to look stunning and radiant for that special event such as a Wedding , Gala Event or a Runway Shoot. This is where Pari can help to enchance the beauty in every woman. With her brushes,knowledge and passion,Pari has a way of making the world lovely ! "I grew up in Thailand and have loved makeup since young... I used to apply my mum's lipstick on my cheek ! Thru the years I have always read up about fashion and make up and so, not surprisingly, I am now a professional makeup artist after graduating with a diploma from The School Of Makeup here in Singapore. I am based here in Singapore with my husband and my daughter." Contact Pari : 97274078

Monday, 26 May 2014

StyleXStyle artical for Febury 2014

In The Hotseat  Ying Lui
The Top 3 Suppermodelme  season 4.
The Artical from By: Elizabeth Lee
On StyleXStyle website 14 february 2014

Artical about what is hot with this year fashion and
the interview about Ying in her top 3 on supermodelme season 4.

Makeup Idea?

frist i am not sure what idea for the
makeup/Hairstyling for Ying.
She looking good with heathy skin tone after talking to her
she very eazy going and very nice.

keep her skin in good looking with pink under tone using Mac.
and ( noon concealer ) for her.

she had good eye shape and nice eyes brow.
I decide to keep it natural with simmer and light brow
eye shadow color using Mac eye shadow.
for eyebrow i keep it natural brow in shape and cooloing tone..
eyebrow pincel from kate No:3.
black eyelinener and brow on below linner with simmer gold.

Blushing beauty..
cream blush- apricot

Lips - liner with bright pink lipstick- fuchsia cover with gloss Nude
using Mac.

Skin looking good natural smokey eye shodow Ying ready to take on 3 diffrent
out fit for the photo shoot.

Most of my product are from Mac and makeup forever..
Makeup/hairstyling By: Parimakeove

                   Master This Spring Trand: The Pleated skirt artical By: Elizabeth Lee
                            Too Cool for School Artical on the 16 february 2014

                            The top 3 final Sasha Quahe/Supermodel Me season 4.
                                            New Makeup for School girl!
                                                     Foundation : will be continute:)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Special Thank to supper hot DJ from 91.3 FM Cheryl Miles
She smile all the time. at her makeup artist i feel that even when she
very tried her skin still looking good our Super hot DJ from 91.3 
Love beauty and after finishing her makeup and ahirstyling she ready
to put in the new dress to go for an event.  
                                  Photo from Cheryl Miles FB...from AUDI Fashion show
                                                   Makeup/Hairstyling By:Parimakeover

Photo from Cheryl Miles FB: for Star Social Award 2013 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Cyril : Simple Magic
 AXN teams up with one of the hottest nicest magicians in the world.
 Cyril a superstar magician in Japan across the Internet and TV.
 watch Cyril Simple Magic on Sony television and AXN.

            I have followed Cyril to many locations in Singapore for his photo-shoot and also
           filming his magic show...Cyril is nice, easy going, very fun to talk to and he smiles
           all the time.
          I am moving forward to learning more about what is important 
          when we work with limited timings, and how to ensure that he looks his best 
          while filming his magic show in the recording room.
          My job is to make sure he has a healthy and good skin tone.
          Cyril takes very good care of his skin as well...simple hairstyling like
          his SIMPLE MAGIC!

                                                             Thank you Cyril
               Thank you Sony television for using parimakeover service for your TV show

Thank you LBK forum and Nevar Photography
Posted wild life of the front page, it feel good to know my work of makeup/hairstyling
take me to many people I had not very meet them in person.
LBK website for latest news on local photography related event
Photo By; Shirley / assistant By: Cce Soo
Makeup: Parichat Naidu/ Parimakeover
detail with new wild life makeup coming soon?

Sunday, 11 May 2014

This spring look is my work from late year look book for Fox- Out look book 2013..i had posted the photo on my Parimakeover page more then i posted photo here...
this make-up and Hairstyling was still been my spring makeup look for 2014..
many client ask to had the same makeup look for they company D&D or wedding dinner
side wave hair and bun up with red flower let some of the hair flow naturally not to much
hairspray keep the flohead be free from your fin.
eyes shadow powder
highlight with matte beige
mindtone with matte caramel
contour with with shimmer  dark brown.
eye shadow using Mac.
blushing beauty
my blush palette is so basic!that's because your blush is supposed to crate a vary natural flush, i using apricot form makeup store.
luscious lips
lip liner with pinky nude
lipstick is my chance to play with color.
i am using hazelnut and top with glossy peach
gloss finishes up the lips with very sexy essential.
 I love to do the natural makeup for the day time is keep your skin healty and flesh looking
keep simple make it simple for your everyday beautiful skin..
makeup by:parimakeover
Photography by: Amanda Wong
look book by: Fox-Out

Monday, 20 January 2014

HR Magazine Cover

Cover story Of Human Resources August 2013
Angela Fox and Tiffany See ,of Dell Asia pacific and Japan ( APJ)
Makeup Arrits and Hairstyling By: Parimakeover ( Pari )
Photography By: Stuart Jenner
Art Direction By: Shahrom

Cover Story September2013
Veronica Tan, Reginal Director for Hill+Knowlton Strategies Asia
Makeup Arrits and Hairstyling By: Parimakeover ( Pari )
Photography By: Stuart Jenner
Art Direction By: Shahrom


                                                      Cover Story December 2013
                              Caroline Sirieix, Regional Manager of HR At Air France KLM

Makeup Arrits and Hairstyling By: Parimakeover ( Pari )
Photography By: Stuart Jenner
Art Direction By: Shahrom

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Commercial & Add

Magazine cover for U Weekly  and U Lady


                            Inside Story all about my body from International body builder May ling

                                                AFI magazine Cover page

     JOG Swim ware on The cover page / Air Asia inflight magazine
commercial Add in Thailand for Keerati Clinic.
The Add board located at the Thai sky train near MBK shopping centre. 

Commercial, Catalog and Online shopping Add for WIZ.